ultimate gundam

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  1. Halo
    hmmm that may be true i will have to look up on that one
  2. rematche
    hey...did anyone here have seen unicorn gundam? it's really awesome.
  3. Halo
    i have heard of it, but i haven't seen it yet. might as well check it out
  4. shigurai
    My favotite gundam well any one from gundam wing. There freakn sweet, but my all time fav is epion, reason why its just that bad a@@. follow up is wing zero u know the one with the giant wings in the ova.
  5. Halo
    yes yes, awsome and so SWEET! i really want wing zero custom
  6. kaki tori kaizoku
    i watch the first few episodes of unicorn. yup its awesome.
  7. rematche
    attention all gundam fans.................unicorn gundam 2nd episode is in this october.
  8. Halo
    seriously? what about wing zero? r they still making that or is that series over and done with?
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