ultimate gundam

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  1. kaki tori kaizoku
    srry i reach them limit of pics i could have. that was the only one i could upload. got to delete some pics.
  2. kaki tori kaizoku
    there i uploaded more. i have a question: if i delete pics in my albums, that i uploaded to a group. what will happen to the pics in the group?
  3. Zero666Mitaki
    good question.only one way to find out i suppose.any1 like my pics?i made them myself.i know they arent "awsome" but im just getting into this stuff.
  4. kaki tori kaizoku
    ok lets test it then im going to delete one of the pics here.
  5. kaki tori kaizoku
    and the results are.... if you delete a pic in your album that is in a group, the pic in the group is also deleted.
  6. Zero666Mitaki
    well thats nice to know.i know this is off topic but does anyone know how to put ur own avatar onto ur profile because i dont like the current ones right now.not that many catagories to choose from.
  7. Halo
    hey zero which one did u make? i like to know. cause i dont see any ones you could've possibly made
  8. kaki tori kaizoku
    this question comes up alot. only com. members and higher can upload their own avatar.
    in order to become a com. member your post count must say 100+ and you must have been with AO for a month.
  9. Zero666Mitaki
    thanx kaki tori.im sure ill reach that soon enough.

    @Halo:u mean pictures right?i made the iGundam and Celestial Being colage believe it or not.u like?
  10. kaki tori kaizoku
    i know it took me forever to get mine. too last to post, now i got to post 500 and be here 150 days. at least i got the time right.
    i like ur pics zero.
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