ultimate gundam

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  1. Zero666Mitaki
    thanx.they took FOREVR.so does anybody know when they 2nd season of gundam 00 is comin to america?
  2. Akaryu792
    yea seriously it sucks they dont wanna air it 4 sum reason
  3. Zero666Mitaki
    @Halo:i need to thank u for something.the dark pic u put on here gave me an idea for my next project for a compition(Government Show) except im using Exia from Gundam 00.ill use it for my commercial arts piece......now i need to make up something for digital media.......o well.thanx again
  4. kaki tori kaizoku
    i searched and searched but i didn't find the answer. but the answer will/or is here
  5. kaki tori kaizoku
    hey im kinda advertising the puzzle contest i made here. could you guys try the contest out. pm me and cowboy bebop your answers when your done. please and thank you.Anime Quiz of the Week (February 22 - March 7)
  6. Akaryu792
    dude me and zero luv that site we go there like all the time ya know the gundam website
  7. Zero666Mitaki
    ya,that site is very detailed in character description and stats.very useful to remember who is who and wtf is goin on.
  8. Halo
    i've been with AO for god knows when, and how do i become a AO member?
  9. kaki tori kaizoku
    wait whats the question ur asking Halo ?
  10. Zero666Mitaki
    .....wait,what?how r u on here then?u r already a AO member.do u mean a Com. and Elite member?
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