UNSC Spartans

  1. garhett
    halo rules yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  2. Hypercat2000
    I love Halo!!!!! i own all three of them. so, how is everyone?
  3. garhett
    if we do a match i am gonna be an elite they kick ass
  4. Hypercat2000
    I am a pro at Halo, no matter who i am, so watch out for my player.
  5. katsoyori33
    OH WOW!!! OMIGOSH!!! I made this group AGES ago o.O You guys are the only people to have joined xD

    THANK YOU FOR JOINING ^_^ And all the Halos are THE best games EVERRRR!!!!!
  6. garhett
    i know my fav is halo 3 but i cant wait to see halo wars
  7. Hypercat2000
    I am going to try and be the first to buy Halo Wars, my mom is going to help me do this.
  8. Cresent Knight
    yo my fellow spartans how are all of you? well hit me up when you come back laters
  9. Cresent Knight
    yo spartans were are you guys how come no one ever wants to talk......................
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