Vampire nation

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  1. raya
    i have to be carful cus i could get cot at school and at home but i like the tast.
  2. DemonicKagomeTahoshi
    like the quote, it's so like me. btw, awesomeparty12, thx for the mssge of this group.
  3. awesomeparty12
    so how is everyone just want to know how my fellow vampires are doing
  4. DemonicKagomeTahoshi
    I'm actually doing good, thx for asking. Also why haven't any pics been added?
  5. awesomeparty12
    well i am looking for the best vamp pics to put on and no twilght please i have enough of those pictures
  6. DemonicKagomeTahoshi
    fine, i might have some, so i'll try to post them up, and i promise, no Twilight.
  7. awesomeparty12
    welcome beymasta454 *bites your neck insuring you are a vampire* now welcome to vampire nation
  8. CBtay01
    um hi every one hows it going? can i join? I love Vamps and i am one at heart
  9. beymasta454
    yay thanks for the welcome and the bite on the neck, i'm happy to be a vampire
  10. Kirinakun1993
    hi can i be a part of your group? i have always loved vampires and blood *mmmmmm blood*
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