Vampire nation

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  1. XxBeautyandDeathxX
    well in that case yeah i'll let ya know if i find one
  2. awesomeparty12
    mwahahahaha so you want to stay half fine do as you please my child
  3. Halo
    always have, always will. but don't blame me if something happens cause well... there's always something going on
  4. awesomeparty12
    halo if you want to continue to be here you must not talk about girls and looking for them XxBeautyandDeathxX dont encourage my child you are stromg and you need to obey your father
  5. XxBeautyandDeathxX
    hmmm i am not it was sarcasm but you seem to be the head of this clan and what shall i call you???
  6. awesomeparty12
    i am the father and you are my children please call me father for you have been reborn under my careful eye
  7. Halo
    ok ok fine i will not talk about girls, there happy? even though i am a half vampire i can have a little bit of a temper
  8. awesomeparty12
    a little bit of a temper what makes you think you deserve the pleasure my child
  9. Halo
    gee i dont know awsome what do you think i deserve the plesure?
  10. XxBeautyandDeathxX
    *wals on air and sings* hmm...*stops singing and looks down at Halo and father *
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