Vampire nation

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  1. AnnaHinamori
    Ummm i'm new so what is everyone talking about here?Reborn vampires and tempers?
  2. Halo
    nothing anna just a little conversation between me and awsome.
  3. NekoFox09
    elloooo whats up :3 rawr i iz a vamp to xD nice group
  4. AnnaHinamori
    Hello,do you;by any chance have any other nickname in which i can call you by?
  5. awesomeparty12
    hello my new children welcome to vampire nation here you can be as vamp as you want i have only one rule call me father thats it have a wonderful vampire life
  6. inuyashapupluver101
    who loves inuyasha here?well i do and if you like him you will die!!please back off he is mine i have liked him since i watched the show which was........when it back off or ull die!
  7. awesomeparty12
    ha i laugh at your attempt to be scary now In uyasha will die here only Vampires can survive my grasp
  8. XxBeautyandDeathxX
    *brakes out laughing* hmmmm so u will kill any one who wish's to have inuyasha hmm ? you're a vampire are you not~!!!??? he's a demon dont make such thretsits just silly
  9. awesomeparty12
    ha he may be a half demon but i am a 3000 yaer old vamp whop has a nasty temper
  10. Halo
    ha he wouldn't stand a chance against me i am fast and also powerful
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