Vampire nation

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  1. awesomeparty12
    you may be fast and you may be powerful but no man woman beast devil or god can harm me for i have ascended into the ranks of the IMMORTALS
  2. Halo
    from what i've heard the vampires are the one that decended (or banished)from heaven (or was that a book i read idk)
  3. awesomeparty12
    it was probably a book you read but i think that might be true
  4. AnnaHinamori
    I don't mean to question your decisions but,is there any other name in which I can call you by?If its not too much to ask.....
  5. Halo
    who u talking to anne me or awsome? cause i have one other nickname that i like and that chase. why? i don't know, dont ask me i just like it. anyone else have a nickname they like to go by?
  6. Cresent Knight
    hello my vamps how are all of you doing? i wanted to ask how come no one is ever around any more i know we live at night but come on wher are all of you im tried of being by my self or did all of you die by hunters.........
  7. PrincessIchigo
    hello everyone. yes the dear taste of blood... I love the taste of virgins blood. Best tasteing blood I have ever had.
  8. Halo
    virgins blood are you kidding? i only drink blood once a week and i don't drin vigins blood, thats a mythto us Blood dragon clan
  9. 01marth
    I can only drn blood when i get hurt n just suck even the kinf part of it lol
  10. Halo
    i only need blood once a year, but when i'm in a fight and i get badly injured, well you can guess the rest
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