~The Vampire Society~

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  1. zoolivemonster
    Hello I am new to this group. I really like vampire knights and rosario vampire. And I also like the Twilight series. I'm new here so what do we do here exactly?
  2. Hypercat2000
    No one has really been talking, so, i have no idea.
  3. zoolivemonster
    I wish that ppl would talk. sometimes I think that I am nuts cause i believe that vamps are real.
  4. brokenxgirl
    i know paranormal stuff is so cool
    does any1 here watch scrubs
    and zoolivemonster dont think tht ur mad b/c u believe in soemthing i know this person who thinks tht dinosaurs didnt exsist
  5. jonny
    hey wats up my name is jonny so all you guys know or you can call me zabuza
  6. brokenxgirl
    ok hi zabuza how r u??
    what been going on recetly???
    nnaaagghhhhh so bored
  7. Lilly94
    Hey!... hi minna! I've just joined this group and thought that it would be good if I would post something here... But I didn't knew what to say, so I just wrote some random stuff... ^.^''
    So... What's up, guys?
  8. jonny
    well minna your in for a surprise since i joined in i havnt seen anyone online and i joined a couple of weeks ago and i been wondering if any one would ever come online here
  9. Lilly94
    What's with this silence here? Is it prohibited to write? Or you, guys, just aren't in the right mood to 'talk'? Maybe just there isn't a good topic to talk about? Here's one: what kind of thing (event, anime, book) made you to like vampire?
    Okay, I'll be the firs:
    I was always attracted by vampires (maybe because I live in Transylvania and I was proud of our 'Dracula' xD), but after watching Vampire Knight, and beginning to read the manga I liked them so much, that I was searching for 'vampire themed' fictions... Then I found the Twilight movie and now I'm saving for the Twilight book, because I am so addicted to this kind of fictions... xD
  10. Lilly94
    ok, is there anyone who is alive in this club? why aren't u writing something? (
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