~The Vampire Society~

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  1. darkangel1240
    mmmhmm.. omg! Rosario Vampire!! I love that show! did they ever come out with the anime? I read the manga!
  2. Akura13
    lol XD I loves the Misa pic, yay for Misa Vampire! And also love the dark angel pic too! ^^
  3. darkangel1240
    yay!! thank you! ^_^ I love the Misa pic! it is awesome!
  4. Akura13
    Hey, just wondering, do the vampire pics have to be anime vampires or just any type at all...?
  5. darkangel1240
    It could be any kind of anime pic. It doesn't really matter!
  6. Akura13
    My favorite one I put up was the cute vampire because it was, well, simply adorable! ^^
  7. darkangel1240
    omg! i have that pic! i love that pic! ^-^ it is cute!
  8. Akura13
    Thanks lol and I love that last one you uploaded! Rozen maiden is so awsome~
  9. brokenxgirl
    hi,can u watch anime on here??? b/c i miss anime its been deleted of my tv and i havent seen anime 4 a long time
    and is there any vamp and mythical anime tht any1 would like 2 reconmend any type of anime 2 me pls do!!! xoxo
  10. DemonicKagomeTahoshi
    Hi, has anyone ever read the 'Twilight Saga' if so, let me know... btw it's about vamps just so you know.
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