~The Vampire Society~

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  1. darkangel1240
    Rozen maiden is awesome! ^-^ oooooo! new members! Welcome to the vampire society!
  2. nakamura251
    Hi whats up anyone on now if so type back plz (^_^)
  3. brokenxgirl
    hi every1,pls tell me any good vamp anime stuff i can read or watch
    where do u get the books i've been looking and i cant find anywhere
  4. darkangel1240
    Welcome nakamura251 and brokenXgirl! lol YAY! new members for my group! ^-^
  5. KawaiiKieanna
    hey peoples!! Also,new members! Nice to have ya in ~The Vampire Society~!!OMG,Vampire Knight!!! I love you guys pictures,darkangel and Akura!!hope ya like mine!n_n
  6. darkangel1240
    awww.... thanks Kawaii! XD Vampire Knight is like the best vampire show besides Rosario vampire and Blood plus!
  7. brokenxgirl
    hi darkangel1240 and kawaii
    how r u all???
    where do u watch anime???
    im bored
    im going now c ya peeps!!!
  8. Vileofblood
    Hey so what kind of vamps are you guys into the bad life taking ones or the ones who are disgusted with themselves for having to drink blood. I'm into the ones who aren't pleased with themseves and try to hide the fact until thier blood lust just makes them lose control^^ Yeah i have some problems?
  9. awesomeparty12
    i am a vampire all humans are weak i feed on there blood
  10. Vileofblood
    I go by vile of blood because i do not need the company of some worthless human i just need them to supply me with enough blood to fill my vile
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