~The Vampire Society~

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  1. brokenxgirl
    hi every1 *waves*
    i dont think my friend likes me
    i drew her a pic of tht rabbit from dnangel and said i friend like u,is a dream come tue and all this stuff 2 her and the pic took me an 1hrand a half 2 get it all right and she lost it
    and her friend drew her a pic and shes got it on her door
    idk if im doing something wrong or not....if i am i dont mean 2.
    im bored aswell
    my life is boring
  2. mangalovertje
    Dont worry to much..^_^...
    I like you..^_^..Little sis...
    But I cant judge what's really going on...
    But you can talk to me about everythin little sis...
    I'm here for yah...
  3. brokenxgirl
    i like u 2 big sis.....ok it doesnt matter i know where i am with her now.....thanks 4 being there 4 me
    i'll always b there if ya need me and even if ya dont need me
  4. mangalovertje
    Hehe..Well lil sis...
    Good that you know it...
    No problem I like to help others out..^_^...
    Thanks I appreciate that..
    Cya lil Sis...^_^...*Waves and gives a hug*...
  5. brokenxgirl
    yea i like 2 help ppl 2,it makes me feel better knowing tht ppl r happy and not sad
    im glad u appreciate it
    i appreciate everything u do 4 me (e.g giving advice)
    c ya then take care *waves and gives hug)
    bye bye big sis
  6. Renn
    Hello!!! I like vamps and stuuf. I decide to join. So yeah.... ^^
  7. Dark Angel Mea
    hi i'm mea........
    i love vampire.
    R u guys ready for kiss-mas? What r u guy getting?
  8. brokenxgirl
    yep im ready and hi renn and mea how r u all????/?
    sorry very bored
  9. Dark Angel Mea
    hey brokenxgirl
    i'm good
    if u could have any power wat would it be?
  10. brokenxgirl
    im glad your good good.
    if i had a power it would be to be invisible and to mind read and to move very fast and be very good good on console games.
    what would yours be???
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