The Vampire vs lycan RP club

  1. zuzu
    lol its time for my famous speach..being as i am lycan and all..its a quote from underworld 3 haha..:P
  2. ReiWolf
    wow How do i do this im am a lycan and im the cool one
  3. zuzu
    Is this how you want the world to see us!? brethren fighting amongst each other like me?..we will show them the power behind us! we can be weak feable minded slaves or we can be LYCANS!!

    ¥stands proud¥
  4. ReiWolf
    go us where lycan where the beats no one can beat us
  5. zuzu
    Lol yes yes we are the best rei and we always will be

    ¥pats head¥
  6. ValSaiyan
    Hey I'm new here and I can see that this was dated a while ago but i hope this reaches u... idk what i just said but whatever!
  7. dracoff2007
    I'm a Blood-sucking vampire named Alucard, bring it on Lycans!!!
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