1. Badwolf
    The rpg will start here when when ever people are ready to start.
  2. snowangel97
  3. BrotherHoodOfTheWolf
    Reinin stepped into the mortal plane and walked down the dimly lit street. "hm a hollow's close by" he smiled and walked slowly in the general direction sniffing every now and then to confirm its location.
  4. Halo
    a hooded stranger runs throug the streets, silver eyes peers from under the hood, combat boots thuds aginst the gravel as hes being persude by shadow figures. he stops in the middle of the deserted street and faces the figures, he draws the only weapons he has on him, a black bladed katana. as the figures get closer he chants in acient language and a silver beam fires from the stranger and destrys the figures. the stranger smirks and grins, showing short vampire fangs as he turns around and dissapears into darkness
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