Vampirism, Relationships, Music, and books

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  1. darkangel1240
    lol... seems like it.. it's like no one is barely on this...
  2. elf
    who is in love with vampires please be my friend
  3. darkangel1240
    elf... i'm a HUGE fan of Vampires! I ღ VAMPIRES! lol
  4. darkblue
    hmmm finally a good group hehehe... i love vamps too, if only they really were real...*sigh*
  5. xmimatox
    hey what's sup? as anyone read Vampire knights? it's pretty cool.
  6. darkangel1240
    i wished so 2 darkblue. If i only was a vamp... *sigh*
  7. darkangel1240
    xmimatox... I love Vampire knight! I read the manga and i'm starting to watch the anime. I love the anime! it's sooo cool! My favorite character is Zero. XD he's hot!
  8. ccamo
    hey I'm new and i need help around this site. Would you help me?
  9. Sneakyarrow
    Yo, I'm new here. Has anyone here watched Moon Phase?
  10. darkblue
    is anyone online? hehehe image if no one is lol....oh damn i'de be talking to myself
    *looks around* spooky....
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