Vampirism, Relationships, Music, and books

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  1. ccamo
    hello everyone! Does any one actually believe in vampires? Hinestly look at it this way. Who could possibly come up w/ something that good? I do believe in Vampires. You can think of me as a freak for that but I don't care.
  2. CBtay01
    i know i belive in vampires '_' lol i love them
  3. darkangel1240
    i totally believe in Vampires! i love them! my front teeth look like fangs! XD
  4. DemonicKagomeTahoshi
    Vampires are awesome... i love them so much, that i'm gonna be one this year for halloween, from a book that i read.
  5. JupiterBurst
    I have been a fan of vampires/ supernatural phenomenon since Angel first came on the air. They could have done a lot better with that series, but it was the only thing w had to work with. Now, there's a but load of good vamp related stuff!!!
  6. darkangel1240
    i love vampires... i wished they still roam the earths!! XD
  7. darkblue
    ME TOO.....wiat did they ever???............................
  8. brokenxgirl
    hiya peeps
    how r u all??
    i love vamps my teeth look like vangs
    im bored stiff any1 on
    ok guess
  9. darkblue
    ok how do ur teeth look lik vamp's teeth
    hehe , i mean i know u like vamps but still....
  10. xmimatox
    hey there guys, halloween is coming up what are you going to dress up as?
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