Vampirism, Relationships, Music, and books

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  1. brokenxgirl
    oh ok then *sniff sniff....walks off being sad*
  2. Kiani Haki22
    *laughs* you are special broken ^^
    *yells* EMO!!!! where ya go?
  3. brokenxgirl
    hehe awww thanks im special.....(not really but u get the idea)
    yea where did u go????
    where do u live kiani????
  4. EmoNightmareRose
    oh, sorry guys. i had to log off. 1. Revolutionary girl utena, (awesome anime) 2. Hi broken, 3. i just miss a lot of people, you know, it sucks to move.
  5. EmoNightmareRose
    oh, i love those styles too. any vampire knight fans?
  6. brokenxgirl
    im haku..........
    yea me 2 them styles a awesome......
    i really wanna watch vampire knight i just 4get 2
    its really annoying and i dont have tht much time anymore
    so i havent got around 2 c it
  7. Kiani Haki22
    Oh it is okay emo, I understand we all have to log off sometime. lol
    And broken I live in missouri^^
    Yeah I love Vampire Knight it is an awesome anime show.
    Yeah emo I know how it is to move from everything you know and love to a new place it is scary.
  8. Dark Angel Mea
    hi i'm new here n just joined the group soooo hi.....
  9. brokenxgirl
    hi ok cool whats it like living there???? yea it is a really good anime show
    hi dark angel mea welcome 2 AO and this group
    gotta go bye take care every1
  10. Kiani Haki22
    Welcome dark to AO social groups... ^^
    It is alright nothing fantastic lol.
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