We Love Anime

  1. fellhound001
    if anyone who joins just ask and i will find a pic from anime almost any
  2. neko nathaniel
    woooo yay lol i was out for the weekend sorry lol was parting woo
  3. fellhound001
    ??? good for you! (damn the 50 letter thing)........
  4. Dragons2801
    have any of you ever been in a group before? what are some anime that you guys like?
  5. AznZheng96
    Hmmm answer to dragon, i have tons of favorite animes xD tho this is a late answer
  6. mike44
    Hello all. I am new at this. Never joined a group, so hang with me while I get with the flow. I saw the group name and figured it works for me. I like shows like Cowboy bebop, Ergo Proxy, Trigun, Death Note, and , many others. I am hoping to get some input from other anime heads. None of my friends watch anime, so I hope I can find good recommendations from you guys or girls.
  7. kuromeido
    dudes!!! u should totally watch Kuroshitsuji & Kuroshitsuji II!!!!
    & yes, i'm a girl. :P
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