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  1. Renn
    Hmm...what are we to do in this group. Not much right now, but later. Do you have anything planned, zyta?? Little contest, projects, etc.
  2. zyta
    of course I have lessons planned, as well as contests and helpful tips and tricks of writing. Just need people interested.
  3. Renn
    Working on it!!! XD I got a few people interested.
  4. zyta
    Least we're getting a reasonable amount.

    So who are you guys (gals?)? Basic introduction...


    I, myself, have been writing for over half my life, started in my last year of elementary school, but got serious a year later when I met my eternal writing rival.
  5. Renn
    Yay!! Intorductions are fun and it helps make chitchat. Let see...

    I think I began writing when I was in fifth or sixth grade. Nothing my own, just writing down my favorite scenes from games. I had my own ideas for stories but never wrote them down. I got more serious about 2 years later. Started writing in notebook an people read them and actually liked them. I enjoy writing for the purpose of people enjoying my stories.
    Then I started RP here adn I realized I had alot of work to do!! So here I am!!(It's actually much lonnger but I don't want to explain right now).

    @zyta: Your eternal writing rival??? Who is that?!?!
  6. LadyJuliaHale
    Hey all! I have been writing since...fifth grade I think. My sister and I were obsessed with these beanie babie doberman's named Doby, only, I named mine Blackie, so we decided to make a story for them in these blank "Little Golden Book" books that we got for free at Wal-Mart one time. It actually turned out quite well.

    Also, in second grade we had to write these little picture books with words on them every day, which was my number one favorite thing to do in school, because it involved writing. But, when I was introduced to Harry Potter, that is when I became more serious and started writing more adult type fanfics. These were the only fanfics that I had written for quite a while until I began writing CSI: Miami ones. Though, before the Harry Potter fanfics, I had written some CSI ones, then moved on to CSI: Miami ones.

    Now, I'm in the middle of writing my first novel. It's basically a Fantasy/Romance/Suspense/Supernatural. Yeah, that is a lot of genres for one novel. I'm not going to say what it's about, because of that whole writer's thing where they're afraid that someone might steal their storylines and characters...etc. Not that anyone here would do it, but I prefer not to say anything.

    Also, I've been writing a bit of poetry and I've been doing some RPing a bit, I'm not that good at RPing, but I try my best. I've also been writing songs as well.

    Also, I usually get my inspiration from movies, music, books and everyday life.

    Anyway, that's my story.
  7. Peach_follows
    I think its funny stating how long I have been writing. Since kindergarten. It may not be all passion driven... But as soon as you are able to go to school you're instructed to do the best you can to write. At least I know that's how it worked for me.

    I won a poetry contest in the third grade, and had my piece published in a book along with other children's works. That's when I knew I enjoyed poetry writing. I am not usually compelled to write stories. Not because I lack the ideas, or creativity, or skill. But, because I lack the attention span to complete them.

    I love assignments or essay writing... but I won't just do so on a whim. It has to be INSTRUCTED for me to do so.

    I sometimes enjoy blogging or journaling . And, I never use my grammar skill to full potential unless I have to. I prefer my writing to emulate the way I speak.
  8. Renn
    And shortest intro goes to *Dumdumdum*: ZYTA!!!! XD

    I envy you for be able to write poetry!!! I can't write any!! Nope, I've tried(I think I wrote one or two here at AO). I like reading poetry, though. I enjoy it.
  9. zyta
    Renn... is that really surprising? -__-;

    Okay, first assignment! Everyone here write and send me a One Page paper, due Friday. This paper is a free form of writing: It can be poetic, essay form, novella style, or something else. This is so I can see how good everyone is and properly plan accordingly from there.
  10. Renn
    Wait, what?? This Friday??? Like tomorrow Friday?? Adn do we send it to you through pm?? Well I already got something in mind so I'll have it done tomorrow.
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