1. Dreaming girl
    Hi,Nice to meet you all
    Iam dreaming girl my name is Emmy
  2. thefallenangel
    nice to meet you to emily i am Chalea. hope to get to know you better!
  3. Japxican
    Hey, I'm Japxican. Thought I'd introduce myself here.
  4. thefallenangel
    nice to meet u japxian thanks for joining my group
  5. dark angle
    dark angle
    Hello! My name is Jenny. ^_^ thought I would introduce myself
  6. lucifer kerosaki
    sup! im lucien thought i should say hi! yo chalea ur bro says hi!
  7. 01marth
    YEEAH YEAH we are all gald you all came our and introduce urself so Hyi people (Hyi=Hi) anyone know japnese words
  8. thefallenangel
    i know yes and hello, goodbye, bottome, flower of/in hell, cherry blossom, and wesal(sp). and thank you all for joining.
  9. death13
    Hey this looks sort of like an older post but, Hey everyone.
  10. thefallenangel
    hi death13 .
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