Your own Manga or Anime

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  1. Cheza
    Soo... Why isn't anyone talking about ideas on how to make money? I mean manga?! ^_^
  2. KeitaChan
    I'm wondering the same thing. I'll talk to you. I publish my own manga so I can help. I have a few ideas for some web comics I want to do.
  3. itachigirl
    lol. mine's full of action and sex appeal.. awesome.
  4. Hypercat2000
    No one is talking about anything here!!! Did everyone die or something?
  5. KeitaChan
    Nope. I like to talk about comics. If you need help just let me know.
  6. Hypercat2000
    ok, thanks for the advice for help, i read naruto comics, that is about it.
  7. Don Patch
    Don Patch
    Naruto comics?!
    There's no such thing!
    Only Naruto MANGA (No offense...)
  8. LuisCastellari
    Hey, all. I'm kinda-sorta working on my own manga that's more or less an adaptation of an anime film that I'm planning to make in the future... Hopefully, it ain't a retread of anything. :P
  9. Banshee
    I have an idea for a magical girl manga. I'm going to call it, "Magical Delivery Girl: Harume"
  10. LuisCastellari
    Yeah, I've got a magical girl manga idea too...
    What kind, exactly? 'Cuz there are a couple diff. types of magical girls...
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