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  1. neko nathaniel
    omg...someny things to do got to make copys of my comice to sell at school'daus ex makina' got to finish part 2 of it 50 pages 1 st ones 30 pages.... only made a 3$ profit -_-*this sucks omg
  2. Ichigo sensei
    hey guys.its about one month(23 days!!!) my friend and i are working on 2d animation and up to now we have done about 100 frames. we have already manga and the story is about 15 episodes (each episode about 20 min).the problem is that with manual manners we can create a few key frames per day so the advancing of project is damn down.i have 3 ideas for speeding up the progress(each one have their own disadvantages)
    1:modeling each charterers by Maya then after animating, render that with Mayatoon(disadvantage:characters become very hardly in sweet anime style)
    2:using programs such as "Anime studio "and "Adobe Flash CS4" which have boning system(this solution has lots of problem on animating clothes and coloring each frame)
    3:increasing the number of artists( i don't know any other people as powerfull as us who like to take a part in this project)
    please help us if have any other solutions or u think one of my solutions can serve the purpose .
    Thank you
  3. Ichigo sensei
    come on guys what has happen for you?it is long time that there is no ACTIVITY in this group! Do you think with a manner like so you can even create one single frame. come on and move up.
  4. LuisCastellari
    I have concept drawings for my own anime/manga, but I need to rescan them. >.<
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