the zonmbie army

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  1. crazy canadin emo kid
    im the big man up top and i will give you a rank ok
  2. ketaro
    Where the zombies at mate? I don't see those bastards...
  3. crazy canadin emo kid
    we are the zombies we are a army and caz you are the first to join i give you the rank
  4. Sazzy
    not the zombies... *does a Shawn of the Dead and pretends to be a zombie while trying to get to the pub*
  5. yinyangAio1
    Sounds fun! I love getting ranked! Together, the army will take over the world!
  6. anime_8000
    So what's this group about. As you see I haven't been in any type of group every since the clans got closed down.
  7. ketaro
    This clan its about killing zombies that don't wanna have go to hell where they belong. I hope my explanation helps you mate^^
  8. crazy canadin emo kid
    sazzy you are you 2 you join so you get the rank 2ND CLASS 5 STAR GENARAL ok
  9. crazy canadin emo kid
    yinyangAio1 you are the 3nd to join 3ND CLASS 5 STAR GENARAL OK
  10. crazy canadin emo kid
    anime_8000 your are the 4th to join so you are 1ST CLASS 4TH STAR GENARAL
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