the zonmbie army

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  1. katsoyori33
    Im actually a... A... Hmm... Im a regular HUMAN!! But I ,uh, am a mercenary in The Zonmbie Army's employ. lol.
  2. crazy canadin emo kid
    katsoyori33 then i will give you the rank MERK 1ST CLASS
  3. crazy canadin emo kid
    we need to make sinbols for are ranks so im makeing a sftw so make your best sig of some thing that wood look cool and i ranking sinbol
  4. Frozen Rose
    woooooo .... zonmbie army and for love .... i can't wait
  5. Sazzy
    oooooooooooooo I am 2ND CLASS 5 STAR cool I am I.. I probably out rank Trunks oh yeah!!
  6. gaarasandkiller1
    yay i am a zombie ^_^ now if i could only be fearsome lol
  7. crazy canadin emo kid
    frozen rose you are a 2ND CLASS 4 STAR GENARAL in the zombie army
  8. crazy canadin emo kid
    gaarasandkiller1 you will be a 3RD CLASS 4 STAR GENARAL of the zombie army
  9. crazy canadin emo kid
    Trunks you are a 1ST CLASS 3 STAR GENARAL of the zombie army
  10. katsoyori33
    A MERK 1ST CLASS eh? cool... Wait. Is that Mercenary 1st Class?
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