the zonmbie army

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  1. crazy canadin emo kid
    yes it is a merk 1st class is what you are now in this army
  2. Serena500
    HELLO!!!!!!!! what about me?????? what am i???? how are you?
  3. katsoyori33
    You?? I'll tell you. You are a Dog of War. That's what you are.
  4. katsoyori33
    Just joking. You are... That's for crazy canadin emo kid to decide.
  5. katsoyori33
    I am the leader of the Mercenaries. I only work for the highest bidder...
  6. Serena500
    Ummmm? crazy canadin emo kid.....WHAT AM I!!!!!!!!!!
  7. katsoyori33
    WHAT ARE YOU?! WHO ARE YOU?! Hey canadin arent you going to rank her?
  8. crazy canadin emo kid
    Serena500 you are a 2ND CLASS 3 STAR GENARAL of the zombie army
  9. katsoyori33
    Teehee. Crazy canadin has'nt paid me yet... *takes out katana and sneaks up behind crazy* *STAB!* Huh?! Its only PLASTIC!?
  10. katsoyori33
    Oh CRAP!!! Run! (crazy canadin) That hurt you jerk!! (katsoyori) I thought you were a BADGUY!!!! Please forgive me!!
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