the zonmbie army

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  1. crazy canadin emo kid
    i have not give you a job yet so why should i pay you duh man
  2. katsoyori33
    Well you pay me for sitting around and guarding you while you're in your tent with your harem......
  3. crazy canadin emo kid
    well i going to make compines tomarow so you will work trust me
  4. crazy canadin emo kid
    Astaroth you are a 3RD CLASS 3 STAR GENARAL IN THIS ARMY
  5. Astaroth
    I also have katanas........
    although I am betting mines are bigger......^_-....LOL
    just teasing
  6. crazy canadin emo kid
    you are zombies not ninjas but no i dont think thay are srooy
  7. katsoyori33
    Im NOT a zombie. Im a Mercenary Ninja! Oh and Astaroth in real life I have 2 katanas.
  8. crazy canadin emo kid
    i was not talking about you katsoyori33 i was talking about Astaroth
  9. Serena500
    Why do i have to bee three stars and 2nd class huh? you know i can be better than that.
  10. crazy canadin emo kid
    caz that is what you are and be happy your a genaral and can allways demote you to a perivet
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