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  1. yeah. nice talking to you to James. wait, are you James from Twilight? lolz
  2. awesome. Im a big fan of death Note. I just bought the second movie. Evanescence is a great band too. well I G2G. i have to get back to class before i get caught by my teacher. it was great meeting you and I hope we can chat later. ^_^
  3. my name is Christina(called chrissi,christy,or chris) I have redish brown hair with blond streaks, green eyes, whiter than a freaking ghost (half-irish) I am 5'8 1/2 tall. I weigh 173 right now (but losing weight). I love Evanescence (Nickelback is awesome!) and fav. anime/manga 4 now is Fushigi Yuugi or Death Note.
  4. what about u? what do u look like and what is your favorite anime
  5. My rl name is James (but people at my school call me Ichigo). Im 16 and im a dude. I have black hair(it will be silver in a week), I have green-blue eyes, and Im white. My favorite Band is Nickel back. and my favorite anime is .Hack G.U. +
  6. yeah me 2! So what is ur real name, gender, age, color of eyes,skin,hair? and fav. anime and band?
  7. Thanks for adding me! I didn't think id meet anyone from IN here
  8. you live in Indiana 2? that is wicked. Thanx 4 the added!
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