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  1. flawed, flawed flawed!!!

    just in case you missed it on the front page :P

    Otaku Zen • Home

    and it will have a working gallery sooooonnn!!!
  2. yeah, I miss all the people here and the good old days of the competition we used to get in the SOTW *sigh* I did consider trying something, but I'm not to sure. The last comp I held didn't go to well, activity wise and most those people aren't around any more but who knows...something might be around the corner

    oh..sarah palin *shudder* help us all... ha ha ha, well not much we can do about a meteor and the poles, but from what I understand, with global warming at least we have a couple hundred years ish before we fry from that xD Unless you plan on living that long xD
  3. lol i'm always down for graphics stuff. we should try and do something simple but awesome to get some traffic in that area, lol and the site in general. its so sad that a lot of the old timers just abandoned AO when it started going downhill.

    as for 2012, it's not just those crazy mayans we have to worry about. theres also that big meteor coming our way plus global warming and the poles/planets aligning. oh and the sarah palin, you never know with that chick.
  4. lol 2012 heh? guess you never know! Though..I always think that perhaps if the Mayan civilisation were around today, that they would have extended the calendar or something LOL. I guess we'll just find out in 2012!

    major in environmental stuff, yeah one of those tree-hugging hippies..well not really. That's what everyone questions when I tell them though xD. So no dr gwen :P

    Was it you that was thinking about doing something in graphics? or perhaps it was some one else?
  5. I haven't really thought about the future much. I know it's suuuuper irrational but I freak out daily about that 2012 thing lol.. it's easy believing that nothing is going to happen but you never know :/

    Just look at Tom Cruise, we all thought he was totally normal a couple years ago.

    So what did you major in?? are we gonna have to start calling you dr gwen?
  6. WOOT for finishing school! So what are you up to now that you've finished school?

    hmm, I have thought about that too, but yeah, may need CB clearance and... he hasn't been around to much lately... >____< not much we can do really *sigh* so depressing around here!

    I finally stopped being lazy and finished Uni xD and I'm now battling it out with everyone else for a graduate job :P
  7. hm.. well, i decided to get off my lazy ass and finish school haha. other than that same old same old

    I was thinking, maybe until the gallery is all patched up we could make gallery threads in gfx area?? that wouldn't be too bad i think.. but we still need CB's clearance eh?

    and how have you been all this?
  8. I wish the gallery was working too

    What has been happening? its been a while.
    Love the sig to btw
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