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  1. lol no worries!

    I only just remembered it today myself ^__^;
  2. gomen! gomen!

    I have all your links but I haven't gotten to it. Let me put that on my cranial planner and I will get on it.

    Oh my god I am so embarrassed by this lol
  3. lleeggeeenndd.. what ever happened to that art comp? or did lack of time get the better of you too T_T
  4. yep that's absolutely correct, we just need 8 more from the new category and we're ready to go!
  5. sounds good! So how many more do we need now do we need to make them an even? I've got from your list about 5 more sigs, 3 more from the art, 2 more from anime/manga wallpapers? have I missed any lol oh plus the new category
  6. how about gaming and anime wallpapers in one section and general wall be the fourth category.
  7. ahh k!

    well... avatar? or perhaps we can spilt up the art entries into fan art and original art? I think most of the entries we have so far are original art, but I'm sure we can find enough fan art in the gallery
  8. Because if I can get one more category it'll be easier to come up with the best of each of the 4 categories. and then have the last 4 become last two and finally one best piece of that
  9. humm.. I think we could have one more category! what were you thinking? or did you mean a tourn for each category?

    I'll try searching through the gallery again to even out the numbers a bit
  10. Osaka-san! xD

    Hey gwenibe, thanks for all the links for graphics.

    Can you help me look at this:

    I need even number for all of them...and do you think we can have one more category?
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