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  1. That is because you gwen are a smart person. I myself I'm how do I say? LAZY.

    Anyway; How have you been Gwen? I working so many little jigs its crazy.
  2. I had to talk it for a requirement, nothing more ^^;

    It was fast paced call since it was summer. How about you?
  3. bah lucky! I've just started classes again T_T biology?! I miss that class! putting on the lab coat and everything, haven't done that for..about a year and a half now?
  4. Nervous break down here and there. XD I finish a long but short 10 week biology lab class in uni, and man was it fun and fast. Not only that. I have one more mid-term, and than I am free till fall. Woot!
  5. HI!

    It has been a while ^___^ I've been good..really really cold.. but good!

    How about yourself?
  6. =3 Gwenibe!

    It;s been awhile.

    Jaja; How have you been>.?
  7. oh shoot! so I wrote a reply to your msg, actually QUICK this time..and the hack goes and takes it away T__T so now it looks like i'm taking ages to reply again LOL don't know if you read it, but I'll post it again xD

    umm ok I'll try to remember what I said last time umm..

    yeah, my friend said that about maths too! lol and she's the reason why I passed all the yucky stats part at uni and I help her with all the concepts! xD

    Not part of our culture, it's more of a personality thing wouldn't you think. The only time I tell people off is when it really offends me, other than that..I just let it slide. Sounds like she's making excuses :P

    oh dear lol sounds like you had one of those days? I left a msg like that to my brother once..the idea is to hang up then abuse :P
  8. The sole reason I show so much love for math is because there is only [one/uno!] right answer. There is never a "Well this is what I think it is, because this is how I feel."

    My Aussie Math Teacher Wendy had a few words to say today. She said it was in her culture to tell people to there face how she felt on an manner. I was trying so hard not to laugh at her express her dislikes with the class. & as much as I like it when people tell me how they feel and are right forth with me about it. I couldn't but help but laugh. Well at least hold it in. I could understand the manners in the classroom. I could also understand the behavior, but when she asked the guys in my class not to speak there native lang. My eyes rolled up in the back of my head. I was shaking my head at it. She didn't correct herself untill she said it was a Culture thing. =P And as much as I hate when people compare me to Ms. Sarah Palin [Ex Alaska Governor]. I couldn't help but ask you.

    Do you confront people when they are nudge you the wrong way? Are you forward with them? Is this a common trait in your culture?

    XD I like feel like your never going to relpy to me again. m(__m) I am sorry if I spoke to much;

    As for the video store.. hmm I got a book to return to the library.

    o.o why do I always type so much to you. I could tell you more, no wait I will.,

    So todays stupid moment for me: I was running around campus looking my my bag with all my work in it. [30 mins to be right] I was freaking out, and after awhile I even called home to ask my mother if she was aware of it. Like if she had seen it. But you see the little punk wouldn't pick up the phone, and well I kept calling and calling. So well I had placed it into my mind that she wasn't going to pick up because she may have thought it to be someone else. And me in my damage moment weren't thinking the best... ANYWAY!! I left a huge long angry message for her candy booty. Kind of a hate message. Anyway.. I called my father just to tell him to tell mom how upset I was, and if also could he look for it. [A little more hate] BUT!! Lord behold when I called my father ... my mother picked up. Well you see for my mother to pick up means she most definitely had to be with my father. Which means she couldn't have been home to pick up the phone. They went grocery shopping; [Really food for me XD] and where on there way into the gagrage as I called. I was like "mom?" she was like "yea" I was like "Mom?" She was like "Yes and?" Because you have to know I don't get to hear my mother's voice on my father's phone. Anyway. I begged them to look, and they did, and they didn't see it... so I was still kind of upset, but not as worried as the message I left for my mother. SO I said thanks and hung up. Anyway I found my bag it was in class... on a chair.. pushed into the desk. I had left it there for a week... grieve with me, because I don't believe I'll see the better days.

    So how was you day?
  9. Earth? is that the docomentary? I've seen that, well bits of it, I used to work in a video store and we had it playing one day, saw bits of it when I wasn't been grouched on by customers because of their late fees :P

    Aussie maths teacher awesome! lol if there is anything I dislike the's maths *shudders* it doesn't help that I suck at it either xD
  10. Man I was going to go without relping for a long time, but I figured to wrongs no make no right? XD Catch my kid lango.

    No matter. Yes Wastewate as been a great deal of fun to me, and it's a pity I'll only be testing it, instead of making it better for the world. Just to many people you know?

    oh! Have you seen the movie Earth? It was a great watch if you ask me. I say if you don't get bored fast even thou I do, but some parts are a nice watch. The birds.

    The end is somewhat sad, but then cmon you always see those coming if you know what I mean right? If the movie starts out to well, then you know it's going to have somewhat some serious outcome in the ending...

    No matter. I won't die in that feeling I get everytime that happens in a movie.

    Hey look Kedar replied on my page, and I didn't even say anything. o_O I guess silents works in many ways. =P Hope he doesn't read that. Man I'll keep this PM short, don't want to ruin my EPIC comment. I hope the whole world didn't get a feel of my life story right there.

    OH OH !! I didn't tell you, but I told Dude101. I have a Aussie Math Teacher. She's awesome and has a very strong accent. *nods* I would talk more about her, =D but it's very smart teacher.
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