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  1. aww but it was an epic comment xD

    I'll delete it if you want. Been busy >.< long for reply ^_^;

    man, you make waste water sound fun! Come to Aust and fix our problems, majority of ppl here are too scared to use recycled water (even though we're probably drinking it anyway)

    alright, so I'll mix my sigs up a bit, like to one real image and one animated? lols\

    ha ha ha, so next time promise to reply quicker, I'm on here to do the SOTW anyway ^__^;
  2. Can I delete my comment or you~

    /o_o\ It is hard to type with lab gloves on.
  3. ooo..water and waste water, sounds interesting! More interesting then what I'm doing in science now anyway >__> I'm stuck at the report and research part of Uni classess, which is alright, when you discover stuff...but boring when you have to write it up xD

    I guess, if you end up getting bored of a sciencey career you could always come back and do some thing creative..well that's what I tell myself xD I actually almost stopped mine and switched for a design degree..but I guess the nerd in me came out and I realised I don't mind learning about this science stuff lol

    nothing new, other than trying to create sigs out of real life people instead of anime lol, guess you get bored of doing the same thing over and over xD

    and nothing awesome either T_T it's been a boring few months
  4. I am a intern once again at another Lab. <o_o> I am done with trade school. Thinking about taking another trade. But I am off doing another year in uni for science. I guess I can expect this all my future. People say I should go a more creative route. I don't know I am still nineteen. I'll see were it takes me, but since I am already in Labs. I may as well make a future out of it. My Labs are Water and Wastewater. o_O We no test human stuff here.

    &&-- I was about to go on, which would have made a very long read, but I won't go there. XD

    =D Sooo! Anything new on your side of the tracks? Any awsome things you seen?

    xD I guess I do love yellow a bit ha ha ha! maybe I should wear a really dark and scary avi and sig for a while lol

    things have been good.. >__> as good as cramming uni work can get I guess xD how 'bout you?
  6. Besides that awesome inspiration going on outsite. ToT what a cute litle robin hopping arounf, he's been there for almost 5 mins not... so cute. I think it's a baby.

    I must be honest. My computer with photoshop is with me, but without internet. So I have to run back and forth between computers just to find a great picture. Second I don't think mine will shine for the great Gwen! I mean really all I can think about it YELLOW and SUNflowers when it comes to you. I knwo weird right? I have done you wrong Gwen and for that I am sorry. >.<

    But If I can pull one out with magic, I'll let you know, but as they say on stage, the show must go on.

    TOT Thank you for being so kind about my absents, and many others Gwen.

    Soo how have things been? XD
  7. No worries!

    I'm going to leave it open for a few more days anyway ^^
  8. Oh gwen I wanted to say sorry about not turning in my sig, I don't even think I got the right picture yet, but since I have .. o_O Labtop.Note:Photoshop, I can fix one up fast..

    I just got to make some more time. (o*)/ Again so sorry... >.<
  9. oh dear.
    I think I just won the award for 'The longest time ever to reply'

    sorry. I can't even remember what I was looking for :P

    Though things are good lol how are you?
  10. =P Whatcha looking for on my page dear Gwenibe

    How are things?
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