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  1. I know! ;^; It kills me to know we have to wait until fall for the manga! I haven't seen 48 yet ... soon I will, most likely today though xD
  2. ;^; only 4 to goo!! I just watched 48 maaaan it's getting interesting!

    he he, I was just going to read to see how different it was..but then I was hooked! man the latest chpt out left a cliff hanger something EPIC. I'm going to try to wait until it comes out here...but we always seem to wait so much longer behind teh US T_T
  3. I have just read a few books of it, I'm waiting until it hits the US xD;; I don't want to spoil myself on that one =P
    But I haven't been reading it! I heard it was more tragic than the anime, lawl, nooooooo! Btw, 28 came out and they subbed it x3 Duuuuuuuuude it's like 4 more episodes huh? ;^;

    I was teary LOL more at the fact that.. y'know they both walked away..SO SWEET ;^;
    shinigami was EPIC XD

    have you read the manga? I just finished what is out so far xD
  5. Omg, just saw 47. ;KDJFA;KDJFK;ADJFK;J SOOOOOOO AWESOME! <333333333
  6. OMG YES!
    I know I saw it today that it was dubbed! I'm so seeing it! <333 I'll be making you that wallpaper then =D
  7. OMG!! you'd be like my bestest friend forever if you did that :3


    ...47 been released!!! getting it nooowww!!!
  8. Oh! Yea I must admit he is hawt without him having that mouth xD
    I wish I knew Japanese as well, would save me the trouble of looking for subs ^^ Btw, I should make you a BlackStar wallpaper! I was thinking about it <3
  9. OMG i agree - he was hot LOL

    yeahh.. wish I knew Japanese T_T I only really know some of the hiragana and even then...i can't remember them XD
  10. I know! It's a real damn shame ;^;
    I teared on the episode too! You know, I thought White Star was hot at first but then ... SHAZAM! NEVER THE MIND XD
    I can't wait for the next one, but it comes out tomorrow in Japan, but just waiting for the subs can be frustrating. Le sigh.
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