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  1. First a dust storm now thundering hail! Take cover Gwennie! T__T
  2. haha, me too. I'm waiting on Patapon 2 (PSP). :3 I luvs those lil eyeballs. :O
    Do tell whats "in" this year? xD

    Omg! remember when you asked me if FFXI is any good? I just checked my "total playtime" : 16days 7hours 9min 18seconds x.x
    One time I played from 7pm til early the next morning. It's thhaaat addictive. >.>

    btw have you gone Osaka-insane? ^^;
  3. Gwen!! >.<

    How goes everything? Sorry I couldn't reply asap, new year and everything. =p

    Ooooh, I've just seen your latest signatures. *tre cool* ^^
    I'm still going through tuts on PS. haha, I feel like some old hag who's trying to get use to the new technology. ^^;

    Let me know whats going on in the new year for you. :3
  4. lol, I tried playing FFX a second time, but I'm too impatient to go through all those cut scenes again. Does it annoy you when you have to defeat a boss over and over and they make you watch the same cut scene everytime. x.x

    Ooooo, GFX battle sounds cool! ^^ Now if I could only get the hang of Photoshop. :S
  5. Holy crap! FFX!! =D
    I zipped through that game just to get through the story line. My stats were so low I couldn't beat the last boss. I haven't picked it up since. ;_;

    As for FFXI, its kinda slow when you first get started but once you get into it... well it sort of... becomes your second life.
    ATM I'm raising a chocobo. He's too kewt. x3

    Yeah, I'm still going through PS tuts. So no submissions! =p
    Speaking of which I actually haven't seen alot of sig submissions from my favored members as of late. What happened there?

    :: Gwenibe!! join forces to bring the GFX spirit back!! xD ::
  6. Nothing really at the moment. Lately I've been addicted to playing Final Fantasy XI. :3
    Do you play too?

    I haven't bounced back into designing signature in ages... funny thing is I just installed Photoshop last month. xD
  7. Oi Gwen! *poke poke* o.o

    Wishing you a happy new year. :3
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