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  1. Hey gwen. Thanks for the the comment on my video in my journal!!! XD I'm glad it makes you want to check out the series. ^^
  2. Awww. Really?? I'm still in High school...>.<

    I'll try not to over-work myself. ^__^
  3. ahh! enjoy what's left of your free time!! I started Uni again 3 weeks ago T__T I want my free time back lol

    sounds like your going to be busy! don't work too hard now!
  4. Aww!!! Thanks. Makes me feel loved. ^^

    I'm pretty fine. School going to start soon, so I'm going to be juggling my GFX work, my writing, my vids for youtube, and real-life. I think I work too hard. >.<

    But enough about me, how are you gwen??
  5. Thought I'd drop by and say hi, haven't seen you around these parts for a bit ^^

    hows things?
  6. Oh, don't worry. I looked at them and they will most definately help me. ^^ Thanks
  7. I don't have one of my own..but here are some I think I used!-40418-1.html

    and just whatever else thats on Gimptalk...sorry can't be of much help ^^;
  8. Gwennie!!! You use to use Gimp right?? Do you have signature tutorials that I can look at??
  9. AWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! I made a Soul Eater wallpaper!!!!!! XD Please go look at it. Its in the anime Wallpaper!! Please!!
  10. Yes you will. I found one pic that I really like of Maka and Soul. XD I mean I loved the manga and I didn't know there was an anime til I saw you guys all over it on here!! XD

    Although my monthly magazine has stopped coming to me, so I'm a bit behind on my reading...^^;;
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