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  1. LOL yeah..we are a bit crazy with it xD but it's <3

    def watch it when you can! I've been reading a bit of the manga myself ^^ but trying to wait till it comes out in english..but don't know if I can xD we might see some Soul Eater gfx creations from Renn in the future?
  2. You guys are going crazy with Soul Eater!!! XD Man I wish I had the time to watch it but I'm only reading the manga right now....I'n not even that far into.

    Oh!! I was looking around and found renders of Soul eater!!! XD I want to use them!!!!
  3. yes! just checked it out then! sorry didn't reply sooner! Uni's been busy, I've only been able to peep at AO here and there xD
  4. Gwen!!! Check out my journal!!!!!! Please!!! Hurry!!!!! XD
  5. XD thanks. It made me really happy that you liked it. I want to do good on the whole graphic thing. I liked the way it came out too!! ^^
  6. yeah! It's sort of messy style with everything every where - sort of like graffiti lol, it's something different in the gallery that's for sure ^^
  7. Nyahhh!! I saw your comment on my siggy!! Did you really like it?? I worked extra hard on this one. ^^
  8. *huggles* Thank you so much gwenie!!! It means alot to me!! I really like that pic XD
    *bows* Again thank you!!!
  9. Hey gwen!!! Thanks for posting in my thread about my first sig!! ^^ Also have you seen my other works?? In the gallery, anime wallpaper? It's Elfen Lied. I want u to look at it and tell me how I did? Will you?? Please!!!
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