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  1. omg apoligies if i went to the wrong mod = /
    im really sorry about that.
  2. i need help.

    aceman67 wrongfully accussed me of plagarizing a poem i posted on the Poems section of AO.

    He said a quick search using the first line of my
    poem on google right away turned up one result
    of the exact poem on someones myspace from japan.

    I have told him that that myspace belongs to me,
    and so does the poem on the myspace in which he believes i copied from.
    Sadly he did not even notice that the username on myspace is also Rook as
    it is here.
    Only difference is the myspace name has two star symbols instead of "o"'s and an emoticon.

    I gave him my myspace URL,
    i even changed the myspace setting from Japan
    to texas just so he would know that on myspace you can change your region settings, cuz apparently he saw im from texas thru my IP address.

    Also on my hometown i even set it to AnimeOnline.

    I sent a comment on his profile here on AO
    but he seems to be offline.

    My myspace URL is

    compare that to google and theyre the same.

    If you feel you need further proof that the myspace belongs to me feel free to send a freind request and i will accept.

    I feel aceman has been unfair without knowing full well who authored that poem, and so negatively discrediting me in my thread in which i posted the poem.

    It is also a bit humiliating to recieve an infraction for plagurizing my own work.

    I hope we can clear this up,
    and thank you.
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