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  1. ha ha ha yeah! Though there hasn't been to much to do around here lately..rather quiet! I've been popping in every now and then I guess!

    yeah, cold and flu tablets have that effect sometimes xD good to hear you got energy back ^___^ horrible being sick, the flu is going around here..hope I don't catch it *crosses fingers*
  2. I know.. I scared myself too :P To actually be on AO and do mod duties hahahaha

    I was just hyper, I think its a side effect from taking cold and flu tablets.. but oh well, can't complain at least I'm getting some energy back.
  3. O_O is that possible? Sazzy on AO?!? where have you been xD

    its early morning here too...can't sleep! I'm not hyper though its these floods actually, depressing!

    have you been eating to much sweets? or is it the lack of sleep causing hyperness? ha ha ha!
  4. GWEN!!!!! look look look .... I'm on AO!!! hahahahah

    ok so its early, still not feeling well and in a hyper kind of mood... :P
  5. no worries ^___^
  6. Hey Saz!

    Just wanted to say thanks a heap for taking over the SOTW while i've been busy ^__^
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