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  1. of course I remember you :P

    How have you been! Its been a while
  2. Remember me...? I surely hope you do lol

    Well i wanted to say hi
  3. Yup ive been gone to long. AO is jsut dull as hell to me now lol but i do miss my gweniebear. I run drop by. im Raiden there also if u have msn let me know
  4. be on morreeee LOL Still doing the gfx? bet your super at it now xD

    haven't seen you around these parts in ages!!
  5. Lol yes im back gwenibe. ive been busy with college so i will drop by every now and then. how has meh cute lil gwen been. its been quite some time since we've seen each other.
  6. XELHES is BACK!!!


    How are you ^^
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