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  1. LOL yeah, we just don't go outside often xD nah!

    The closest encounter I've had was a red-back in my guinea pigs cage and I stepped over a snake once lol
  2. OMG!! GWENIBE!!

    we have been watching this thing on Australia's Deadly Dozen...
    OMG!! how do you live there and not like die everyday!?
  3. :O the horror!

    nah, i've tried ostrich before! pretty good! it tasted like meat...
  4. LOL

    nahh.. I couldn't do such a thing to little buddy :3

    Just teasing

    I have tried kangaroo though!
  5. O____O

    did... did you eat your possum friend?????

    ToT HOW COULD YOU?????????????????
  6. ABU!!! XD

    Orange Smoothies? Sounds interesting, must try one day. Any special way of making it?
  7. hi Gwenibe~! i am running around people's profile pages~!!

    orange smoothies are great for breakfast!!
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