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  1. Soshi felt the same way~
  2. Tali of course. Been chasing those hips since ME1.
  3. Super awesome!

    i as well made it through the mission with all mah team members, however it was on normal mode. Going through a second run right now on hardcore, and making it a point to explore more since i missed bits and pieces during the first play through~

    ( ^o^) DID YOU WOO ANYONE? ? ?
  4. Finished the game with all my party members alive and every mission completed on hardcore difficulty. I'm thinking of starting ME1 again and making another character to take through both games.
  5. ( ^o^)/ can i ask you how you're doing in Mass Effect 2?
  6. It's not like that's a great achievement or anything.
  7. \(^o^)/ yay for hassun! Many congratulations! ! !
  8. I have it now, good times.
  9. Hassun, you have like the best posts on your user profile! it brings a smile to my face!

    Hark, a vagrant: 244

    ( ^o^)/ Mass Effect 2?
  10. Still nothing.
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