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  1. I want to do the bath robe unfornately I do not know what her size would be. She's around 5'7"?
  2. see that's what I mean.

    Anyways lol, here's what I think I should get her:




    what you think?
  3. eh hehehe xD no way I'm walking into a victoria's secret by myself. Heck I bet even soshi wouldn't walk in there :P

    Anyways, get back to me when you can Im looking on the avon site and I see what I want to order.
  4. No more bath robes?? Is there a reason why?
  5. abu abu I take the bond girl thing back, I want something like a bath robe and something for a bubble bath.
  6. Yup, it sure is! So very sorry I confused you there bud. ;;
  7. Oh, and I found this link on his HP too:


    Translated versions of his "Habanero-tan" 4-koma comics, etc are there.
  8. BUNBUN is awesome, thats all there is to it. LOLs. At first I fell in love with BUNBUN's chibi-style characters, after looking into BUNBUN's other works I became a fan. (Sorry to keep saying BUNBUN over and over but I dont know if BUNBUN is a guy or a gal so just being safe) ^^;

    Ah, you liked the designer for "Odin Sphere"? (I need to finish that game...) Have you played "Grimgrimoire" yet? Yet another game from Vanillaware with designs by Shigatake. Shigatake also did the characters for "Kumatan-chi", remember that cute bear-ish girl sprite I used for an avy a while back? That game.

    Here's Shigatake's HP: http://shigatake.web.infoseek.co.jp/

    Its in Japanese but WTH right? ^^; He was cool enough to actually reply to the comment I put up on the message board!!! Kick @$$....
  9. Yeah....but I dont think he's bad enough to do anything to his daughter and niece. As for the other girls...(-_-);;; I think Kagamin and the other gals should stay away. (remember he visited their shrine just to see them in their Miko/Shrine Maiden outfits?)

    As for the goods from Japan I mostly got the remainder of the Polyphonica Black+Blue light novel series. I fell in love with the illustrator of the Black series, BUNBUN. Now I frequent BUNBUN's HP and gathering all the stuff that BUNBUN worked on. Hell, just bought a game that BUNBUN did the character designs for: Rondo of Swords (NDS)...wait, I thinks I talked about this already.

    As for the rest I'm starting to read up on the Jan '09 issues of Comptique, Comp Ace, and NewType magazine as Lucky Star is published in the first two and NewType is just a great anime info mag.

    Which btw: Lucky Star is celebrating its 5th year anniversary!! (Its been 5yrs since the manga started!!!)WOOT!!!!
  10. Back.

    ...good thing I logged out when I did back on Thursday, shortly after I dropped out we lost power...and didnt get it back til a couple hours ago today. So almost 3 days. (T^T) They had to declare a "State of Emergency". Jeez...the most boring 2 1/2 days of my life. But at the least I got power back today and to add my package from Japan came too!! That made it all worth the trouble. ^^

    Yeah, Konata's dad is starting to scare me more recently...the more I read the manga and novels the more seemingly dangerous he becomes. (-_-);;;; Since he's always all over Konata, Yui (Konata's green haired cousin, the cop) had to warn him to lay off of Yutaka. LOLs, that scared him off good.
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