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  1. hey now, it's not like that ^_^;

    just that females I know are very picky about their attire (especially brand O_O)
  2. Scary horror games + me = NO!!!

    I dont do horror. The closest thing to "horror" that I've played is Resident Evil 4 with its gloomy world with zombie-ish people and parasitic monsters, etc. It was a good game nonetheless. Especially after I got the Infinite Rocket Launcher...*BOOM*BOOM*BOOM* Muwahahaha~

    Well than, I should be off for tonight. I got work in the morning and they're gonna sit me down and give me a talking to...since I called out "sick" again today. (-v-);;; Heheheh. 'night to you and Soshi. Seeya two around.

  3. *Thinks real hard*...mmmm, nope. I've always been an RPG guy. Theres the occasional Action, Simulation, and Fighting games and thats about all the genre of games I play.
  4. ...mmmm, more like escape from reality I think. ^^; She still enjoys the games as games though. Kinda of a weird topic to get into so...

    Yeah, awesome goods. Oh, I failed to mention that I've also gotten the Kagami and Tsukasa figma figures as well now...I just need Miyuki san to complete the Lucky Star set. I just find these things online while I browse through anime forums. (Mainly here and AnimeSuki) and than I check up on things that catch my attention. I've also found a pretty nice site to shop from:


    Prices are fair, shipping is a tad bit high but quick, and they also take custom orders!! Thats how I got all the Lucky Star goods. I'm thinking of custom ordering the JP Tales of Symphonia for the GC along with a couple of GBA classic RPGs like MOTHER 1+2 (aka Earthbound) and the JP version of Riviera the Promised Land.

    ....*phew* Sure talking a lot today aint I?
  5. Kewl, I look forward to actually being able to "talk" with you and Soshi soon via AC:CF. I do want the game but I'm kinda hesitating on forking out $70 for a game I'll play one or two days out of the week...I'm more of a DS guy right now. (Guess I should atleast pick up AC:WW for the DS than huh?) Hopefully I can talk my sister into forking out some cash for it for her sake as well. She just loves the Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing games.

    As for real life....bleh. No girls, job sucks, and yes, I am buying anime...a little too much of it perhaps. I've just spent a little over a $100 on manga and magazines in the last week...totally worth it though as Kadokawa publications are giving out awesome Haruhi goods with their magazines like an autographed digital clock and Haruhi figures!!! For no extra cost added to the magazine price!!! Than theres my shipment of Lucky Star books!!
  6. Cant go wrong with food. LOLs...but eating like "that" is definitely not healthy.

    So how goes your AC life?
  7. ...changed the avy since some might mistake it as sexual harassment going on in it. ;d Than again, if the hands were just but a few inches higher than yeah, it IS sexual harassment. LOLs
  8. LOLs, just messing around with the ones I've "borrowed" from the GFX guys over at AnimeSuki for reference. They're so talented there.

    As for the avy...yeah, the girls are just having some girl's fun. "Look at all that fat~!!!".
  9. Well I'm looking forward to it than
  10. I dont see how that makes you an loser. If anything you've given me yet another reason to look forward to getting the game...wait, you can trade designs right!? Find some other fans out there and you'll be popular. LOLs. BTW: Did you make the winter or summer uniform? Winter = Pink, Summer = Blue
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