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  1. Hi Abu Dhabi How are you? Maybe you don't know me but i usually read your post and sometimes i visit your journal.

    Well, only for send some greetings. Have a nice day and a nice week.
  2. Randomness~

    Found an awesomely cute Lucky Star pic:

    Its so cute and soothing to look at, its my current wallpaper.

  3. Well good for you. (^_^) Though I myself has had all 6 current volumes for some time now and I'm just waiting volume 7 to hit the shelves in October, PLENTY of time to save up money for one manga. LOLs

    As for my day, not all that well overall...though the thing with my car is even less stressing as I've got most of it taken care of and I'm getting my cousin to fix the rest up for 1/10 of what the shop was going to cost me so...not bad in that aspect.

    Though I was SUPER tempted to go shopping....Part 1 of "Gundam 00" season 1 was in stock at my local Best Buy, not to mention the Full Metal Alchemist OVA collection. (Y_Y) I have to wait til I get everything taken care of.
  4. (O_O) Hey um....I went and was playing AC:CF on the Wii and did you know that there were scorpions and tarantulas in the game? On top of that did you know that they can attack you!?

  5. LOLs, well you're welcome. You should've seen my reaction in the store when I saw it on the shelf. At first I doubted my eyes...(O_O) Than I took it in my hand and was like, "OMFG!!! LUCKY STAR IS HERE!!?".

    Awww, thanks for the pic of Kagamin, you remembered that I liked her. (^_^) d
  6. I'm not too sure on rates, currently the guy that I just did the translations for is paying me about $1.25 PER PAGE...so if I did that to you you'd be paying paying nearly $200 per volume. (O_O) Ofcourse thats the rate for both translations and image editing.

    BUT, before going more into this...Lucky Star manga is now out here in the US. I just saw volume 1 at my local Borders today. ^^; I could ofcourse still do the translations for you free of charge if you'd like. Thought I'd let you know.
  7. "K-On!" was so awesome...a shame that its already ended. (T^T) And indeed Azusa needs an cat, she's "Azu-nyan", it's her character.

    FYI: I'm almost done with my translation job so unless the guy has another one set aside than I can start on the "Lucky Star" translation for you soon.

  8. Me me? Well, I got this big test on friday, so I thought I'd take my mind off it, and come online. =D It's not working. I got another internship. o_O At another Lab. YES!! This ones smaller, but it could help me get a Job at SGS's. At least I would hope! >.< !!

    But it's only untill I finish up on things.. >.> In another class/ *cough( once I do that~ I will be looking for other things. Yesh. >,< Maybe labs aren't me future. I don't know. But I hope. I need to choose now thou. So when I get started I won't feel how do you say. "Bored" =D...

    How's Abu?
  9. Ec ho:: "ello Ab u"
  10. So true. (=w=) d I just love Mint Chocolate chip. Though I also love Lemon Sherbet as well...mmmmmmm.

    (o_O) Oh? Is that so? Soshi is so nice, LOLS. ~
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