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  1. Hey Abu, guess what? "Steambot Chronicles" are coming to the PSP at the end of the month, that's what. \(^_^)/
  2. *blinks*

    Did I do something wrong Abu?
  3. Hello, decided to drop by since you're one of the few online right now.

    I'm Francis, btw. How should I call you...? Abu?
  4. *waves*


    =D So like I am broke but I have Alaskan souvenir for you two. =D

    Then I send you letter. You see I bought a new laptop; yes indeed it was neat. It was for my father && it got stolen, and well another story. No money right now. I get paid soon, so you'll see them soon. We have so many souvenirs up here, I didn't know which one to send. o_o There was this one with a bell and it' says "That; will keep the bears away" or something like that, and I just thought that was mean.
  5. Okay, thanks, I was just wondering. Do you think it has anything to do with the thread that princesslady had?
    (Sorry if it's none of my business, just miss Rave)
  6. Hey Abu, do you know what happened to Rave_Grip?___________
  7. hmmmm so what do you recommend i do?? Would it make a difference if i waited until it went back on sale again?
  8. XD Nevhah? `

    +No. Way!

    Okay. I can't swim? Well I can, but most of the time it's just around the pool a couple of times, then I kick it in the hot tub. There are only so many times I can dive off the diving board. Not to mention the major grooming having to be done just to go. WAX WAX WAXX. [O______[O______<] -- [>______<] "AHHH"

    Or maybe Kat [Yesh third person] Suffers from bad joke telling.
  9. @SK: It's good to know when one puts there mind to something they finish it.

    Ant's on a Stick.. hmm shocking in a way. Must be a Alaska thing... Here

    Celery, Raisins, and of Course the Peanut Butter. 'member now?

    Oh I just took a sip, it's my first time with the v8 thing, let me go see the name: (Just Went to get it) V_Fusion "light" 50% less Calories & Sugar. [ Less Sugar?! Nu!"]

    Vegetable & Fruit

    Flavor: Strawberry Banana [Also my favorite smoothie type]

    btw.. I meant by cats the girls in the car. XD..

    I just realize my roomate has the same V8 too, but he's is another flavor. The roomate I've been waking up 4:00 am in the morning to go running with. 2 milee tops. I know not much, but we just started. ::Sips drink:: the kinda drink you drink with something kinda thing. I hope you get what I mean.

    Oh the girls next door and watching " I didn't know I was pregnant" thingy. Crazy.. <o.o> I know random
  10. Wells lets skip to after school;

    o_O I was going to go crash on my bed and chill, but then Sarah didn't want to go shopping on her own so I went with her. As we waited for 30 mins in the Car for the rest of the girls and one guy to get in, it was just as boring as counting ho much grass is in the front yard. And yes it was that long. I talked my mom off cause that's what I do when I am bored, or I sleep and in this case there would be no sleeping cause people wouldnt just "SHHHHH" A cat and meow fight kinda broke out. Guess about what? Yes I say it "Someone didn't want to shut the door" I repeat! "They didn't want to shut the car door" and the other person took notice to it... wooopy dooo. I was rolling my eyes checking myself out in the rear view mirror. What I was bored?! Don't be mad.

    So I went shopping. Bought: Milk, V8 Fruit Drink, Rasin Brans, and Nutter Butters? And those cute flowers with smiley faces, with grad hats, but that''s not the story. I called the school and asked them could they tell me who graduated. They told me that was like some HIPPO/HIPPA thing where they can't give me that infomation... so I called my RA and she told me, I only bought two cause I wasn't sure who grad. either way. So I waited and told jokes and made everyone laugh. I looked at all the cars going by and thought "cute" "ugly" "cute" "ugly" moving on I got back ran in, and made ants on a stick. If you don't know what is. I think you should... you work with kids. XD they yummy.

    [Stops and catches breath]

    Dare to read?
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