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  1. ( ^o^)/ finally settled on being a Priest as well! and i'm really enjoying it! just beat the first boss (the big gooey blob shield thing) and am working through that castle part with the Dragon.

    Soshi is a lot farther ahead then me, and apparently he trained in World 5 for a long time and beat the boss before he realized he was supposed to go to World 2. . . so yeah, he's a lot tougher than my character!

    right now i'm just grinding through the castle to try to get souls for spells and improving my luck. Soshi is just going back and forth through the mines to get ores for his weapons, and fighting off Black Phantoms that keep invading while he's "mining". . .

    ( ^o^) how have your battles been?

    oh! and Soshi fights with a dagger and little shield, while i wield a mace and regular shield!
  2. Thief's a great choice. I went in as the wanderer first - finished it after several weeks. Completed the last level of this game again yesterday as the Priest. If my new semester permits, I would like to play as the Thief and the Hunter.

    Both of you are in for a treat, Abu! Let me know who you end up choosing, and do keep me up with both of your progress in Demon's Souls. Please have patience with this game and you will discover its deep awesomeness.
  3. Soshi and i have been playing Demon's Souls!

    what class are you? Soshi is a thief and i'm still trying to decide!
  4. ^o^ i actually got Demon's Souls for Soshi for Christmas! he'll probably start playing soon! i heard it's super hard~

    glad to see you're doing so well! we missed you here on AO!
  5. Hi Abu! Thank you for the greetings! I wish you and Soshi the same - Merry Christmas!

    I finally got the copy of FF XIII that my brother sent me, but I got to finish Demon's Souls first before I open that one. Have you and Soshi played Demon's Souls? Got to say though, I am more excited for Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Here's to hoping for 2010 release date in Japan.
  6. \(^o^)/ you're looking forward to Final Fantasy XIII too? awesome!

    have a Happy Christmas, Kedar!
    give my regards to everyone~
  7. i'm glad you could use the luck!

    sales? ^_^ they've been going very well! most of my costumers are from my mom's office, and they've really liked the stuff so far! hopefully i can sell enough to give a good Christmas to Soshi and the rest of my family!
  8. Thanks, Abu! I could certainly use some good luck cheer!
    Congrats on finding a job! =) So how are your sales going? Are they being sold like hotcakes?
  9. O_O wow! ^_^ it still sounds a lot like medical school, good luck though! it sounds like you need it!

    College is actually going really well, thanks for asking! ^_^ Soshi and i are doing very well in our classes! and he should be all done by next year, around this time! as for me, i finally have a job selling AVON products (make-up and other girlie things)! it's nice to be able to treat Soshi out once in a while!
  10. I am not in doctor school yet, Abu. Still in college doing Master's level research and taking courses that will compliment my professional ventures. I am taking medical school level classes though. They're very satisfying.

    Haha, I just love to tease my lovely lady (Shinkina). =P I am glad to hear that you find it amusing.

    How are you and Soshi doing in college?
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