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  1. hmmmm so what do you recommend i do?? Would it make a difference if i waited until it went back on sale again?
  2. ^_^ nope, it's just that every time you bought soap, they were having a sale!
    the normal price is $6, but it's usually more like $3~
  3. Hmmmm that's kinda weird, wasn't it cheaper than $6 before??? so they just raise the price and said it was buy one get one free? O_o
  4. OH! and this campaign has like a Father's Day special, so it's a buy one/get one free for your soap things! and the regular price is $6~
  5. the next ship date is 05/18, if i'm not mistaken!

    as for AX, Soshi and i have decided not to go! planning to use the money we would have spent on admission and stuff to go to Little Tokyo!

    ^o^ we could escort ya there if ya want though! we'll be taking the train!
  6. When's the ship date after the next due date?? Because I know i won't need soap for about another month or so.

    And any update on you and Soshi for AX?
  7. ^_^ yeah! i'm still in! ya got like a week 'n a half until the next due date~
  8. I probably need some soap from you soon, I only have two bottles left...are you still in avon business or are you out?
  9. i was? yeah, probably! but things like that take a second for the ole noggin to understand~
  10. Yeah, weren't you there when Shinku was laughing about it??

    I knew he was gonna see it and I couldn't come up with a better name so yeah there's the story.
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