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  1. I want to do the bath robe unfornately I do not know what her size would be. She's around 5'7"?
  2. ^_^ those look pretty good! though i have to admit that a bathrobe would have really completed the set! so sorry!

    but yeah, oh don't know if this matters, but one of my Mom's office lady friends order the candle, and she said it was a little small... like maybe the size of an open hand if you put 'em all together...

    want me to put you down for 'em?
  3. see that's what I mean.

    Anyways lol, here's what I think I should get her:


    what you think?
  4. i dunno if Soshi would feel too bad going into a Victoria Secret with me...

    ^_^"" but it would be a little awkward going in by himself!

    but yeah, find anything ya like and i'll put ya down for it! it'll probably ship by the very beginning of next year...
  5. eh hehehe xD no way I'm walking into a victoria's secret by myself. Heck I bet even soshi wouldn't walk in there :P

    Anyways, get back to me when you can Im looking on the avon site and I see what I want to order.
  6. you know, i really don't know! you'd think being a lady company they'd have bathrobes in every issue! they got jammie sets, sexy jammie sets, t-shirt type jammies, but no bathrobes as far as i can see... there's a white Bath Wrap (basically a towel dress) with some pink flowers in sizes 1X-3X... but that's it...

    ^_^ i'm sure you'd probably find something nicer at Victoria Secret...
    =_= have to go babysit my neice for a while, so will be back as soon as i can!

    sorry for the inconvenience!
  7. No more bath robes?? Is there a reason why?
  8. okay! haven't wrote down the order yet, so don't worry.

    as for bathrobes... hmm, i don't think we have any bathrobes you can order anymore... dammit, really sorry! as for bubble bath: i got vanilla, french lilac, fresh peach, um... *looks in catalog* a "for kids" with a rubber duckie on it, Green Apple, Fresh Laundry, Peppermint, High School Musical, Cucumber Melon, Soft Pink, and one just for Sensitive skin...
  9. abu abu I take the bond girl thing back, I want something like a bath robe and something for a bubble bath.
  10. deadline? um, anytime before Monday would be great! also, this is the last time you can order from Campaign 23 (the one with the perfume on the front) so if you like anything that's only in there, snatch it up quick!
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