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  1. hey abu, when exactly is the deadline?
  2. ^o^ hey Legend! another AVON deadline thingy is coming up, would you like to order anything?
  3. ^o^ awesome! i'll be here whenever you're ready to order! oh, and i'll get back to you on the dates for the pricing!
  4. Sounds good enough.
  5. hmmm... well, it came out in #24... so you should be able to order it at that price until about mid-December, but that's an estimate cuz i don't have my little calendar thing with me...

    ^_^ does that help?
  6. hahaha!

    ^o^ methinks that would attract the wrong kind of lady!
  7. Yeah right abu, sure I go to a public setting and say

    "hey girl, check this out, it's a WWE! watch" *a closet wrestling fan* lol
  8. ^_^ only half Hispanic! my Mamcita comes from Guatemala! she came here in the 80s! anyways...

    ^__^ the watches seem to be pretty durable, but i don't think they can stand a hammer to the face or anything like that. i'm not sure how they do underwater though...

    ^o^ oh the analog/digital watch?? i wanted to get that for Soshi! but instead got him a different one at a seller's discount! yay!

    ^o^ i thought the WWE Wrestling watches were "73h h4rdK()rz"

    and yeah, i love color! grey letters looking so boring on the profile pages!
  9. Oh you're hispanic?? o_o Huh never knew that...I do notice that the last four msgs from you have different colors though lol.

    Anyways, probably won't buy anything until near xmas. I'm looking at the penguin slide right now lol, and the analog-digital watch for only $20. WOW. Wonder if it's durable.
  10. door-to-door? only one time, and that was in my mom's cousin's apartment building... only one lady came to the door out of the whole building, and politely declined... oh well! and can't really try in my neighborhood, becuz most speak Spanish primarily (a language i can't really speak, so my mom would have to translate) and since it's down the street from our area AVON office, it's already saturated with sellers...

    ^_^ ah, don't worry about shipping! $5 is enough, i just couldn't find the right size box at the post office! no worries!
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