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  1. I'm still trying to decide so I don't think I will make tomorrow's deadline. When's the next cutoff date?
  2. Hey Legend!

    just so you know, if you'd like to order something, i need to know by 9:30am on Tuesday cuz that's getting really close to the cut off point for orders.

    So please let me know if you'd like to order something. and even more importantly if you don't want to order something!

  3. oh no! ^_^ sorry all the girl stuff is overwhelming!

    it's in campaign 23, pages #110-113 (which says you buy the shoes and get a bag for $16.99). and in campaign 24, pages #128-129, you can buy the shoes and get a bag for half off (which means it's anywhere from $12.49-$14.99, but the styles are different than in C24).

    ^_^ hope that helps!
  4. In the letter you said the bond girl collection (which I found) but I cannot find the bag + shoe combo you were talking about, which catalog is it?! *overwhelmed by all this women stuff* xD
  5. sure! take your time! just be sure to order from #23 and #24 catalogs! i can't remember if i sent you any #25 things... but if'd you'd like them, you'll have to wait two weeks so it can be shipped with the other #25 orders! and if you'd like something from 23/24, try to send it by Sunday night since i need to put in the order Monday!

    as for ordering directly from AVON, i'm not sure! but i can probably give you all that info Monday! but if you'd like to know ahead of time, check out or my internet access is limited (i'm typing this message on my Wii) so can't really do that yet. sorry!

    ^o^ thanks for everything Legend!
  6. I probably will order something, just gimme some time to sift though all these catalogs @_@;

    lol I saw the letter btw (which I almost missed) I like the part where it saids 'score major points with a girl" hahaha
  7. Well just a question, like when people buy from you instead of avon directly, do they get a better deal or how does that work?
  8. oh man! but money and drugs and guns does sound a lot cooler...

    ^_^ if you'd like to order anything from the Christmas-y catalog, just let me know by Sunday!

    ^o^ thanks again, Legend~!
  9. lol I finally got it Abu! arigatou!

    hahaha you packed it like you were giving me money, some drugs and guns.
  10. Oh no!

    i'm so sorry Legend! hopefully it's worth the wait!
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