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  1. lol like Shinku i haven't touch my wii in ages.

    since they released the new DSi, they celebrated it in AC by handing out DSi benches!!
    the Pelican mailman waits outside your door and hands you a letter containing the bench!!

    ^o^ but don't worry! if ya miss it, already got mine so we can trade! and the best part, it's not a rare item so once you have it, you can buy it from Nook anytime!!

    just giving ya a heads up!

    P.S.: i got black, but if you got another color, we can trade!! if you don't mind
  3. thanks for helping make April Fool's awesome!!

  4. sn't it strange, our separated hands just fell
    just like a lost child, you suddenly disappeared

    High and Mighty Color - Dreams
  5. hey Legend! what does all dems Japanese words mean (at the bottom o' yo' sig)?
  6. well, that money also includes all the little things i get that are on sale ("concealer for $1.99!! omg!!"), and the it pays for itself to get the brochures and samples and such.

    but honestly, it made me at least pretend to be grown up (going to the bank, paying bills, talking all smart on the phone), so it has some life benefits. plus, you meet a lot of ladies who sold AVON at one point in their life. it's kinda like a grown up Girl Scouts except you get PAID.
  7. ah optimism or sarcasm? xD

    But man, all that work you have to do and you only get $10?? They are seriously ripping you off :/
  8. pretty good! after paying this catalog's bill i will have an income of around $10!!


    but nah, it's fun, and it gives the ladies at my Mom's office something fun to do while they're "working"!
  9. Hi Abu, I'm okay for now as I only finished the first of four bottles you sold me last time. I'll remember to go to you when I need more stuff.

    How's business?
  10. hey Legend!

    need any AVON stuff? order goes out next week, i believe, and was wondering if ya need a refill or anything!
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